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“I feel a little rush,

I think I’ve got a little crush on you.”
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I was brought to life by Zeus. — Wonder Woman (2016) dir. Patty Jenkins 
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I think I just really like Keith with that handkerchief over his mouth
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Oxford University is home to a battery- powered bell that’s been continuously ringing since 1840. Nobody knows what the battery is made of and no one wants to risk taking it apart to find out. We’ll never know for sure until it someday stops working, making it the world’s longest-running science experiment. Source Source 2
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There’s a very old graveyard next to my uncle’s house that happens to have (apparently rare?) Pokémon. As caretaker of the lot, which has a LOT of cool texas history associated with it, he doesn’t see a ton of people come visit because it’s out in the middle of nowhere.

But recently, there’s been truckloads of college kids, teens, families, and grandparents all coming by to catch Pokémon. Some just pass through, but many accept his offer of a Coke and a lawn chair to sit and talk for a while. Once pokémon have been successfully acquired, he starts to tell them the cool history of the area, and the visitors are fascinated.

People have sent him emails and called him later, asking for more details and doing their own research on the battles fought there and the people who died. There’s now a Facebook page about it? It’s a thing-catch pokémon but more importantly ask the caretaker about Texas blood feuds.

And like, you see so much negativity about how games distract and people are mindless drones because of them. But a video game brought dozens and dozens of people to my uncle’s plot and gave him an audience of interested listeners who are taking that knowledge back to their own communities and spreading the word to come visit.

Like, y'all. This is honestly the coolest thing.
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shiro (requested by anonymous)

the black lion is the decisive head of voltron. it will take a pilot who is a born leader and in control at all times, someone whose men will follow without hesitation. that’s why, shiro, you will pilot the black lion.
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kungfunurse replied to your photo:I swear to god I’m almost done testing, guys.

don’t suppose you’d be willing to post a template of the recipie if you get it to work? apparently gifs aren’t showing up in my dreamwidth and I want to exclude those posts from going across

So I am super duper new to IFTTT. The recipe works for me and SHOULD work for everyone if set up correctly but I can’t guarantee and more importantly if it doesn’t, I can’t help. But here goes nothing. 

You have to set up Dreamwidth or Livejournal for mobile/email posting (instructions on how to do that are here, at a great tutorial for a nice recipe that will crosspost EVERYTHING to DW/LJ, should you so desire). 

Once you’ve established the address for your mobile/email posting (it should be “username+pin@post.dreamwidth.org”) you can go to IFTTT, connect your tumblr and your email address, and then go to my recipe, which is here. Enter the “username+pin” gmail address in the “To” field and you should be good to go with a default tag of “crosspost” – ie, anything you tag “crosspost” should crosspost to DW/LJ in 15 minutes or less (the macro checks every 15 minutes). 

Two quirks of this recipe:

1. You can set your own custom tag, ie you can designate what you want your “crosspost this post!” tag to be, by clicking “advanced options” and altering the text under “single tag”. I think. I’m not sure if you can alter my recipe. I think you can? 

2. If you post to tumblr and there’s no image in the post, a giant “NO IMAGE FOUND” banner will appear on your dreamwidth crosspost. If you click “advanced options” and delete all text under “Attachment URL” this will prevent that from happening but will ALSO prevent all images from showing up on DW/LJ. 

Good luck? D: Let me know if it doesn’t work so I can, uh, IDK, lock it down or something. 

testing now…
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Wonder Woman (2017) Comic-Con Trailer
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i thought i’d written this up on here before, but i can’t find it. so let me tell you my favourite story about my time in oxford.

my college library is a converted church (with graveyard still attached). and it closed at about 1am every night, but they let people keep working in the vestry – where there were… i think six desks? – overnight. i was not very good at doing my work at anything other than the absolute last minute, and would fairly often end up in the vestry the night before an essay was due.

it was grim. honestly i do not miss it.

the highlight of those nights was when i allowed myself a break to go out to buy a burger from the kebab van that was on the other side of the high street. the nearest kebab van was ahmed’s. kebab vans in oxford are serious business (there are few kebab shops, and they’re mostly not near the colleges, where the first and third-year students often live in). i just looked ahmed’s up to check i was spelling his name right and found this amazing painting of the van!!

anyway. so one night in – i guess it was probably april? i think it was in my final year, and not too long to go before exams – i walked out to the kebab van. it was 2am, or maybe 3am. a weeknight – maybe a tuesday – and there was nobody around. too late for other people taking study breaks, and maybe the people who were out clubbing weren’t coming back yet. i felt like i and ahmed and the other guy who worked in his van were the only people alive.

and then an entire band of men turned up in full 16th century regalia. 

i think maybe one or two of them had musical instruments with them, but not all of them. they stood there. they didn’t seem to think that they were doing anything unusual. i guess for them, it wasn’t. nobody else came by. nobody said anything except to order some food.

i thought: am i hallucinating??? what is happening???

i always ordered a cheeseburger at ahmed’s, and as it wasn’t a busy night they didn’t already have any cooking, so i stood by the van for a good five minutes while it cooked, just watching these men, who seemed like time-travellers, solemnly order their kebabs. none of them had phones out or anything. nothing broke the illusion except the situation we were in. it honestly felt like time was collapsing. like we had all been pulled out of the timestream and were just chilling here together. it wasn’t april whatever, 3am, 2011. it was no time, no place. The Kebab Van At The End of Time.

they just seemed like people from the past who wanted to get something to eat. an eternal constant. and the guys in the van were as nonchalant about it as the men themselves were. yeah, we get sixteenth century people through here all the time.

and you know what, they probably do. it’s oxford.
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isthisrubble replied to your post:Crossposting/Importing Tumblr

that first one, the crossposting to lj/dreamwidth, is that just for crossposting future posts or does it archive as well?

It will only crosspost future posts – basically it’s a program that watches for your tumblr to do something, and every time it does something, it tells Dreamwidth to do an identical thing. But no, it won’t go into your tumblr and archive older posts. It will however crosspost everything from Tumblr including reblogs. 

You can also set up the IFITT recipe to only crosspost things with a particular tag, if you don’t want to crosspost every single thing you reblog.

Oooh do tell? That sounds like it would be ideal for me but I’m not seeing it as an option. 
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