Jul. 30th, 2016

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Hey, so, more important than who you’re voting for as President of the United States in the general election: vote down your ticket. Meaning, vote for your Senator, your Congressperson, and your local state & county representatives. This is actually FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the President. While most of us are gerrymandered to all hell (maryland absolutely is x_X) we still need to try.

Here’s the deal: the reason Obama hasn’t gotten much done in the past 8 years is because we’ve had a Republican majority in the House & Senate, & they’re a bunch of whiny babies who block every SINGLE piece of legislation Obama proposes, regardless of how beneficial it is for everyone. So, let me break it down for you:

1. Regardless of if Hilary or Bernie is the democratic nominee, if there’s a Republican majority in Congress, *it won’t matter*. No legislation will get passed, we’ll still be stuck with them refusing to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, we’ll be stuck with a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense. We NEED a Democratic majority, even a tiny majority, to get anything done.

2. If, gods forbid, Trump is elected, a Democratic congress will be able to mitigate a large amount of the damage he will inevitably try to do. He wants to build a wall around Mexico? Well, he won’t get to do that if Congress tells him to fuck off and they won’t give him the funding. He wants to deport all Muslims? Congress says no, fuck you Trump. We inevitably find that he’s a tax-dodging cheating bastard? Congress goes “lol hey time for impeachment proceedings!” If we have a Republican congress, enough Republican reps are actually on Trump’s side that he WILL get his stupid way.

3. If you’re a socialist / communist and you hate Hilary Clinton a lot, and the REASON you hate her is because you feel that honestly she’s more of a Centrist / 80’s era Republican than she is any sort of leftist or democrat, again, remember that a Democratic Congress will be able to shut down any of her more idiotic Republican-esque legislation. Worried about her entangling us in more goddamn wars? Elect Congressional representatives who will vote against that, and they will keep her on a leash. THAT IS WHAT CONGRESS IS FOR. With a Republican congress, however, you’ll see all the things you hate about Clinton getting through as she ~compromises and negotiates~ with them. With a Democratic Congress, she’ll ~compromise and negotiate~ with THOSE people instead, and thus her legislation will HAVE to become more left-leaning.

So, EVEN IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN… if you are a Republican who (rightly!) is terrified of a Trump presidency, PLEASE bite the bullet vote for Democratic delegates in the House and Senate. You know as well as we do (perhaps better, even) that a Trump presidency with a Republican majority will be far, far, far more disastrous than a Clinton presidency with a Democratic majority. If you’re that concerned about it, then get your act together as a party and in 4 years field someone who isn’t a raging lunatic.

If you are a socialist who balks at voting for Clinton, AT LEAST vote in democratic (or hell, socialist! green party! COMMUNIST) representatives for Congress.

Basically, vote for more than the people everyone knows.
Find out who in your area votes for what you want and then vote them in.You may have to choose the *gasp* LESSER EVIL (and everyone else in the world knows that Americans think themselves too pure and good for that) but fucking well bite the bullet

If more people vote down the ticket, if more people vote in mid-terms then, you know what?

Sanders wins.

Because his campaign wasn’t just about trying to be president, it was also about motivating young progressives to actually get involved in their country.

THIIIIIIS. (And seriously, I keep repeating that last one. He’s said repeatedly that what he means by “revolution” is that young people get involved in politics! And that does not mean, in the words of someone better at words than me, that you vote once and then a wizard fixes everything.)

Do you want to control your own destiny? Or continue to let people who served under Nixon have a say in how you are going to live your life?

always vote in ever fucking election every single one matters the president isn’t the be all end all of american politics

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saucy shiro for @zillabean‘s belated birthday gift


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I bet you 50 Arusians followed Shiro around all day just to stare at his butt.

I mean, if I were an Arusian, I would.

Just sayin’

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Continuing my fashion inspired SW illustrations - here is Rey being her beautiful angel/messiah/savior of the galaxy knight self (maybe slightly older and more confident in her powers). Wearing Christian Dior Fall 2006, only the best for the jedi of my heart :)

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“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”
- Cormac McCarthy, The Road  (via benemal)
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“I met a truly strong man once,
and what I learnt was;
to be strong is to break
and to break is to become stronger.”
- Babbar Sher (via benemal)
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dandelionintelligence, enduring, emotional healinghuckleberryfaith, protection, simple pleasures
Rounding out the set are Pidge and Hunk!  I wanted to find a balance and ambiguity for Pidge.  Not sure if I succeeded though…  I tried my best!  8D;;;

Will be available as a postcard and a print at Otakon, but there’s also a very limited amount of stock now online for those that can’t make it!

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I was having some intense Ganlink feels today, so I took a break from writing my Piratedorf AU to write this short story. I was mainly inspired by TP Ganondorf, and how he seemed perfectly comfortable knowing that he was the force of destruction that would come after the the other two bearers.

Hope you enjoy it~

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Well this gave me feels. 

I was having all sorts of emotions for Link when he realised that Ganondorf was right and all three of the Triforce bearers are trapped in this cycle for eternity. Poor lil Linky~ 

And poor Ganondorf too - despite how he’s obviously come to terms with his fate, it must be rough being defeated and knowing he’ll never change that in this lifetime. 

I love that Link’s plan to try and throw fate off balance is kissing the Demon King, geez Link 8D he’s like, ‘must challenge the Goddesses. But how? oooh, how ‘bout I try boning my worst enemy. that’ll work’ XD

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Not exactly Zelgan. But if you imagine Link with hiccups, probably Zelda would crash her face into the Ganondorf’s face (???

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Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.

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Another tribute to figmentforms. See what you have done to me? I’m supposed to be working but the desire to draw this couple is unbearable to hold back! Still love your zelgan work! Hope to see more of it :3

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