07:43 pm

copperbadge: madmaudlingoes: copperbadge: isthisrubble replied to your...

07:52 pm

alwaysalreadyangry: i thought i’d written this


08:32 pm

fearwanheda: Wonder Woman (2017) Comic-Con Trailer


08:39 pm

ravensshire: http://ift.tt/2alQ7sc


08:39 pm

copperbadge: kungfunurse replied to your photo:I swear


08:39 pm

voltrongifs: shiro (requested by anonymous) the black lion is...

09:18 pm

dark-haired-hamlet: There’s a very old graveyard


10:07 pm

did-you-kno: Oxford University is home to a battery- powered...


11:20 pm


11:26 pm

voltronlions: paladins + four-temperament ensemble

11:44 pm

whymustmyusernamebeunavailable: I think I just really like...

12:11 am

deadhpool: I was brought to life by Zeus. —

12:11 am

audidraws: “I feel a little rush, I think

01:42 am

solkorra: Voltron Paladins x Baseball! For study baseball poses...

01:58 am

solkorra: Shiro Be Strong! After watched the trailer of season...

06:10 am

zillabean: I just want Shiro to be happy and healthy and safe...

06:10 am

zillabean: So myself and thebordersea had the stupidest back...

06:10 am

zillabean: Space Lion Dad watches over his Space Lion Cubs when...

06:10 am

zillabean: @ZWMonkey offered to trade me some Professor Layton...

06:10 am

zillabean: Hunk prefers the food goo

03:36 pm

sbrasi: Fashion AU

03:36 pm

potionxshop: t-e-r-m-i-n-a: lapsusregnum: Ganondorf (For...

03:36 pm

kungfunurse: Zelgan Merman AU by S-Kinnaly

04:24 pm

figmentforms-blog-of-reblogs: munettie: ohnips:

08:14 pm

figmentforms: Part 31 of “A Tale of Two

08:14 pm

zandraart: impact

10:26 pm

the-green-lion-defender: The universe’s only

12:37 am

twilight-zeldas: ignore the clothes i just did not care at...

12:37 am

baewall: She is the sky, she is the stars. prints available...

01:08 am

legendary-space-gays: Basically the Voltron Future au no one...

02:20 am

s-kinnaly: Wow, I’m so happy that a lot of

06:44 pm

ciil: HEY YA’LL i finally finished my happy fam

02:45 am

figmentforms: Part 67 of  “A Tale of Two

11:29 pm

5i2: Well

02:41 am

doctaword: The Legend of Fallout Collection by Doctaword...

07:31 pm

triforce-princess: 🌙  t w i l i g h t

09:05 pm

steveahn: Fake 80s Korean Voltron Legendary Defender Movie...

09:05 pm

bryankonietzko: thebestlaurenmontgomery: The time has finally...

09:05 pm

bryankonietzko: I’m in the midst of a hectic

09:05 pm

milagrosen: they’re all sooo cute

09:05 pm

taurusrcart: Voltron Legendary Defender Guess who binge...

09:19 pm

taniaarpa: I never use amazeballs, but this is f*cking...

09:19 pm

lemonorangelime: Someone give Lance some water bonus:

09:19 pm

kungfunurse: niko-kuns-mystical-nerd-lair: You think they...

09:19 pm

supergirlsgf: I’m tense! This is a tense situat

09:19 pm

obscene-sacura: bioforcemech said to obscene-sacura: Do a hunk...

09:19 pm

un1t-00: Voltron: Legendary Defender references to Evangelion

09:19 pm

kungfunurse: lizparlettdraws: Spend the last few days...

09:35 pm

kerolunaticat: Bonding time!

09:35 pm

nutlas: <3 from team voltron 

09:35 pm

parfaitperi: monsterkiidd: Voltron: Legendary Defender

09:35 pm

chellmibell: because we all need a bit of encouraging Space Dad...

09:35 pm

suedeuxnim: Hi I’m severely over invested in

09:35 pm

zillabean: I bet you 50 Arusians followed Shiro around all day...

09:35 pm

moobiess: I love this show!!!! I love all the charac

09:50 pm

kungfunurse: dylerius: Just wanted to draw more Pidge...

09:50 pm


09:50 pm

yobot: lion huggles are my fav…

09:50 pm

voltronheadcanons: thesearchingastronaut: I know the further...

09:50 pm

sylenth-l: I… Have no explanation.

09:50 pm

solkorra: The decision of Pidge/ Katie Holt

09:51 pm

zillabean: I just want Shiro to be happy and healthy and safe...

11:34 pm

ammosart: Doodled the rest of the squad for my warmup today,...

02:56 am

zillabean: Art trade with the incredible geckostuffs :D How...

02:41 pm

sylenth-l: So how about our favorite black paladin gets out of...

09:25 pm

badlydrawnshiro: Do not disturb.

08:43 pm

inar-of-shilmista: Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy). (Colour pencils,...


01:12 pm

In the November election in the USA, vote for your

01:42 pm

zillabean: jakface: saucy shiro

01:56 pm

zillabean: I bet you 50 Arusians followed Shiro around all day...

02:27 pm

dis4daria: Continuing my fashion inspired SW illustrations -...

02:56 pm

"Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden."

03:27 pm

"I met a truly strong man once, and what I learnt was; to be strong is to break and to break is to..

07:28 pm

mightier: dandelionintelligence, enduring, emotional...

09:42 pm

A Different Fate

10:12 pm

ZELGAN *jazz hands*

10:42 pm

lang95: Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors. Expect...

11:13 pm

s-kinnaly: Another tribute to figmentforms. See

12:12 am

badlydrawnshiro: Remember to feed your lion

01:13 am

seventypercentethanol: universes

01:13 am

lemonorangelime: Honey, you mean HUNkules

01:13 am


08:29 am

what i really need is shiro in a suit

03:28 pm

ryallsfiles: Samurai Jack by Kagan McLeod

03:57 pm

cakechoz: Can you tell how much I love this little shit ?

03:57 pm

cakechoz: Late to the party as always, but I just finished...

04:27 pm

thesearchingastronaut: space daddy

04:28 pm

thesearchingastronaut: What if we ruin it all, and we love...

05:27 pm

zillabean: Commission: Black Lion cat nap Commission for...


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